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Zest4life Weight Loss

Looking for weight loss ?

Want twice the effect of a low calorie / low fat diet with more long term results?

The Zest4life is a powerful new and exciting health improvement and weight loss process designed to educate and motivate you to change and improve your body, your health and your overall well-being for good. The weight loss programme is brought to you by Heidi Bohrn, a qualified and professional nutritional therapist. Heidi is co-ordinating these programmes for people of all ages who are looking to lose weight in Watford and the surrounding areas.

We offer various levels of support to suit every lifestyle and budget, there will be a group to suit you no matter how much assistance, education or motivation you require on your journey to losing weight.  Rest assured, we are here to help, we have the answers to the questions that you never realised were important and our prices start from £7.50 per week

Weekly weight loss group – 11 week term programme
Fast track weight loss group – 4 week introduction programme
1 to 1 weight loss support
Weekly ‘Weight and Go’ service
Phone coaching support

It’s important to ask yourself these questions when searching for the support you need in helping you achieve your weight loss.

• Have you tried several diets before and regained some or all of the weight?
• Do you want a diet that gives long-term success?
• Are you looking for an alternative to Weight Watchers in Watford or Slimming World in Watford?
• Would like to be educated about health & nutrition to make long-term changes?
• Are you looking for a diet that gives you more energy and experience less cravings?
• Do you want professional advice from a fully qualified nutritionist?
• Will you benefit from being motivated by a group of likeminded individuals looking to losing weight?
• Do your clothes feel uncomfortable? Would you like to get back into that favourite outfit?

If you have answered ‘YES’ to any of these questions then the zest4life weight loss programme in Watford could be the answer in helping you achieve the weight loss you require.

Our weight loss programmes are designed to create long lasting change, not a quick fix, and are run by trained and qualified Nutritional Therapist Heidi Bohrn to help individuals like you to lose weight.
What makes zest4life so successful in achieving better weight loss & health results?
Here at  zest4life we will show you step by step how to achieve amazing results in health, weight loss and vitality – many of our clients report feeling 'better than they have done in years'. Please feel free to visit the testimonial pages to read our clients comments in how they achieved their weight lose.

The zest4life weight loss process was developed by a team of experts including Patrick Holford to fill the need for a more intelligent and healthy approach with better long term results. I (Heidi Bohrn) will be facilitating this information and supporting you every step of the way.


I offer support in weight loss by offering coaching and education. Zest4life is very successful around the UK and typically produces the following results.

Within as little as 6 weeks:

 • 100% improved health
• 95% lost weight
• 95% increased their energy levels
• 84% improved concentration & memory
• 84% reduced cravings
• 73% reduced stress

You will follow expert Nutritionist Patrick Holford's low GL diet which, in trials, has resulted in twice the weight loss than low calorie / low fat diets! It is easy to follow and delicious and results can be seen within a week

Whichever method you choose to lose weight, I will guide you through the steps to enable you to lose weight and learn how to eat healthier for life - helping you step off the dieting roller coaster and get back in control.

You won’t want to go back to your old eating habit once you understand the true way of eating to lose weight, come and join our group right now or have individual attention!!!

 Just click on the programmes to find out which option suits YOU!

Weekly weight loss group – 10 week term programme
Fast track weight loss  – 4 week introduction programme
1 to 1 weight loss support 
Weekly ‘Weight and Go’ service 
Phone coaching support


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