One to one consultations Do you have health concerns or just want to feel more vitalised? Click on the link if you would like to see how a consultation can work Initial consulation £89 (...
One to One Consultation
Do you have health concerns or just want to feel more vitalised, click on the link if you would like a consultation can work for you. Prices intiaial consultstion £89 . follow-ups £65 * Please...
Weight Loss Programme
Using zest4life with Hugh success. Please look weight loss page for more information -      Group sessions held at women’s only gym femme fitness in Watford -  ...
Wellbeing & Anti-Ageing check up
Feeling healthy and want to stay looking younger. Then a wellbeing check up might be for you. This is a 6 month health check up help’s identify any concerns and looks at your fat/muscle content,...
As we use the functional medicine approach, diagnostic testing is key to our practice. You may wish to order any tests via our practice. Please visit diagnostic testing page for more information on the...
Detoxification programme
Fed up of feeling sluggish and fatigued? Know that you may have been living your life on the wild side and are looking for a detoxification programme. A saliva and urine test is collected and sent off...
Are you an owner or director of a company or work in human resources and are looking for an on site nutritionist to help your staff stay healthy and feel less stressed. Then please contact us to discuss...
Do you and your friends want to know more about healthy eating, maybe there is a certain subject you find interesting and want to gain more knowledge. Please contact Alternative Living where we can discuss...
Shopping Trips
Fed up of just not knowing what food to buy? Not sure how to read food labels? This is an exciting 1 ½ hours where we go to your local supermarket and pick out the food s that are healthy to you...
Children's Clinic
Does your child seem to be allergic to many allergens; maybe they keep feeling sick or have attention deficit order or Autism. Trying to get your child to even eat correctly their 5 a day can be a challenge...
Pre-conceptional care and fertility clinic
Planning on having a baby, pre-conceptional care is important not only for women but also for their partner’s.  Pre-conceptional care should be considered 6 months before trying to conceive...
Sports Therapy
Want to improve your stamina and increase your body composition. Then please book a consultation to find out more. We not only look at how to improve your performance , we also look at your protection...


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