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What can YOU expect by attending a zest4life group programme?
Zest4life 11 week programmes: in Watford & coming soon to Denham

Want to lose weight and at the same time learn to enable you to have long-tem success. These sessions are fun, interactive and educational.  You will be part of a fun and stimulating group (approx 15 group members), attending 2 hour sessions once a week until you have reached your goals.

What these sessions cover

• A personal health, diet & lifestyle assessment
• Weekly body composition- inc  body fat % and metabolic age
• 11 x 2 hours health, wellbeing & weight loss seminars on different topics
• Regular newsletters, motivational emails and recipes
• Full colour comprehensive programme material & booklets
• Personal food diary recommendations
• Menu planning
• Individual coaching
• Weekly group discussion and problem solving
• Progress trackers and health questionnaires
• My zest4life follow up consultation
• Discounts on supplements and local amenities

The Zest4life term programmes are designed for people who would like to lose weight, increase their energy levels, boost the immunity, learn and be educated about different heath/wellbeing topics including:

1. How to Turn Your Body from a Fat Storing to Fat Burning Machine
2. How to Manage Stress
3. Overcoming Emotional Eating
4. Improving Bone and Skin Health
5. Boosting Immunity
6. Improving Mood & Concentration
7. Improve Your Digestion
plus many others…

Each session is packed with these different educational topics you will never get bored you just keep on learning. Many of our clients love the learning and comment that it’s like having a mini nutrition course!

Each week you will be weighed and additional analytical data will be provided such as body fat %, muscle mass and metabolic age, so you can track your results and measure success. These statics allow me as a nutritionist to focus on how your metabolism is adapting and if further support maybe required which provides better success rates than other diets.

We provide full colour Zest4Life materials, including your own ‘Nutrition Success Formula’ book and also a GL workbook. We also provide menu and shopping planners, individual questionnaires and lots more so you can refer back to this knowledge in the future.



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