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Would YOU like to learn the secret to losing weight and keeping it away for good???

  • Do your clothes feel uncomfortable? Would you like to get back into that favourite outfit?
  • Are you disheartened with diets?Why do you initially lose the pounds but then end-up putting on more weight?
  • Irritated of being told it's your age and that natural to put on weight?
  • Why does every single biscuit seem to settle as fat around the middle?
  • Interested in losing weight the healthy way?

Do YOU want lose fat? better cellular health? higher energy levels? to change the way your body makes fat? to stimulate mental function? to sleep better? to feel happier?

The solution to losing weight is not only based on constantly analysing your calorie intake. Many people find they put on weight easily even when they consume fewer calories than their bodies burn on a day to day basis. The key to losing weight is also addressing the way your body views and processes food. Why does this happen?

Stress is a big factor. There are 2 types of stress; external (emotional) and internal (over worked body system). The stress responses produce hormones which then manipulates the way your body utilises its food source. This then triggers the process where your body instantly stores fat around the middle, instead of burning up your food as energy!

Yo-yo diets simply don't work because the body view starvation as a stress; which then switches your body into an efficient fat storing machine. This is basically because your body wants a reservoir of food to be stored as it is unsure when it will next receive fuel. This is a basic survival mode which actually does more harm than good as you will ultimately alter the way your body metabolises food. This is why many people see initial success with a diet, before gaining more weight (than they started with) in the long term!

Don't despair using "First Line Therapy" we will help you achieve that weight loss!

"First Line Therapy" is a therapeutic lifestyle change programme which covers diet, exercise, nutritional supplements and stress management. With the support of Alternative Living you will learn how to keep the weight off for good, whilst seeing an improvement to your overall sense of wellbeing!

First Line Therapy:

Has been demostrated to be safe and extremely effective

  • Provides an easy to follow dietary plan and supporting booklet based on glycemic index
  • Enhances healthy energy production
  • Helps promote fat loss not muscle loss
  • Assisting in the development of a healthy insulin and blood sugar balance
  • Recommends a delicious powdered food proven to increase muscle and decrease body fat
  • Offers full support and professional monitoring and tracking to ensure success.
  • Has shown to improve overall health whilst reducing the risk of serious health problems later

We can offer a full diagnostic testing service which can investigate internal stress issues such as adrenal stress, food intolerance, Candida and many more!

Please click on the following link to view a video of First Line Therapy.

If you are interested and would like more information, Please feel free to contact us on: 01923 822312

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