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Why use Supplements?

In today’s society it is very difficult to get enough nutrients from our diet. This is partly down to the fact that a large majority of our food is flown in from abroad. Not counting the carbon foot print, the fruit or vegetable will have been picked weeks before it is even slightly near ripe enough to eat. To make things worse, the ground that the food has been grown in will have had numerous other crops grown there it before. Over harvested soil will be extremely depleted of nutrients, leaving you with a fruit or vegetable that looks good, but is vastly nutrient deficient.


With this knowledge it is safe to say that we are not even meeting our RDA’s (recommended daily allowance) let alone our ODA’s (optimum daily allowance) for optimum health and well-being.

When our diets are lacking, we become deficient in the nutrients that keep our body in balance, leaving us more prone to illness. This is where supplementation can step in and fill in these gaps.

I hear you say ‘What about organic that not better for you?’ The answer is of course “Yes”, however to achieve a positive and rapid effect on the body, high level therapeutic dosage of supplementation would be required.  The quality of the supplementation also plays an integral role in overall effect.


An average orange has approximately 70 milligrams of vitamin C in it - your ODA of vitamin C is from 1000-2000 milligrams so dependent on your lifestyle you would need to eat from 14 - 28 oranges a day to get this amount!

Why use our supplements?

As a practising nutritional therapist, I tend to use supplement companies based in the USA and Australia as these countries regulate the supplement companies. This means they are of a higher quality and are more bio-available in the human body. They also are tested before release on the marketplace. Therefore many of the supplements that recommend are not available in the normal high street, however as a client of Alternative Living you will be provided with a direct telephone service and a code where you will be able to obtain these supplements at a discounted rate

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