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Berkhamsted Nutritionist : Fully Qualified BANT Nutritional Therapist based around the Berkhamsted / Tring area HP4, HP23
Berkhamsted Nutritionist: Easy reach of Berkhamsted , Berkhamsted , Dagnall, Dudswell, Little Gaddesden, Northchurch, Potter End, Ringshale, Aldbury, Buckland Commin, Wingginton, Tring, HP4, HP23


Nutritionist Berkhamsted / Tring area

 Qualified Nutritionist
in Berkhamsted / Tring area
16 Woodside Road, Amersham, Bucks HP6 6AJ

 Tel 0845 8942737 


Nutritional therapy is an alternative medicine seeking to identify & relieve the underlying causes rather than masking symptoms. Our centre provides diagnostic testing, dietary advice & supplementation protocol to help support optimise cellular function which may assist in achieving optimal health using a personalised tailored plan combined with functional medicine.

Heidi (NT dip.CNM mBANT) is a fully qualified registered nutritionist providing complementary therapies for chronic illnesses, as well as those looking to enhance their overall well being throughout Berkhamsted, Tring and Buckinghamshire area.

Heidi is also a Zest4life Practitioner and weight loss coach. Zest4life is an exciting, new and powerful weight loss process designed to motivate you to change and improve your body, your health and your well-being for good. The programmes are designed to create long lasting change, not a quick fix and are run by trained and qualified Nutritional Therapists / Nutritionist. We teach people how to break bad habits and how to follow a quick and delicious food packed eating plan which may set you up to permanent weight loss for the rest of your life !

The motivational group programmes run over 11 weeks and consist of weekly 2 hour sessions. Groups can be in various sizes range from 12 to 25, one to one consultations and small groups are also available in Berkhamsted, Tring and Amersham area..

Feeling under the weather? Been diagnosed with a chronic illness? Want to address your weight? Need direction & inspiration? Wish to enhance your life, feel energised & feel better?

If You Have Answered 'Yes' To Any Of These Questions,
The Nutritionists At Alternative Living Can Help You! 

Conditions We Treat - Click Here

Conditions We Treat 

Nutrtionists can treat a range of conditions across various ages and gender. Some of the frequent conditions we witness are Menopause, Infertility, Allergies & Intolerence, Hypothyroidism, Depression, Skin Problems & Weight Loss.

Taking the time to understand both your lifestyle and eating habits, we will guide you to treat the condition in the best way possible.

Why a Nutritionist - Click Here

Why A Nutritionist?

It is possible to get your health back and feel vitalised with nutrition and supplementation. At our centre we use systematic approach to identify triggers and bring your cells to optimal function. We have seen many patients who suffered from chronic illnesses who lives have changed once visiting Alternative Living. If you are still unsure we can help you please look at the success stories from clients or feel free to call to discuss your concerns.

Book an Appointment - Click Here

Book An Appointment

At Altermative Living, we are flexible with appointment times. Available Monday to Saturday from 7am to 7pm, allowing our clients with busy lifestyles the opportunity to benefit from our services, outside their working commitments.

If you would like to book an appointment with a nutritionist, please contact us via email or call us on 0845 8942737 today.

 Berkhamsted / Tring area Nutritionist
16 Woodside Road, Amersham HP6 6AJ  Tel 0845 8942737

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Areas of easy reach Berkhamsted , Dagnall, Dudswell, Little Gaddesden, Northchurch, Potter End, Ringshale, Aldbury, Buckland Commin, Wingginton, Tring, HP4, HP23 

Berkhamsted / Tring area Nutritionist
16 Woodside Road, Amersham HP6 6AJ  Tel 0845 8942737



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