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High cholesterol

Cholestrol is a fatty substance (lipid) which is produced by the liver and is crucial for normal body functioning. It is vital for the production of sex and stress hormones, and for healthy cell membranes. It also makes up bile, which is a substance which helps aid digestion. Once the cholesterol is produced it gets circulated in the bloodstream by specific proteins called lipoproteins.

There are two types of lipoprotein: high density lipoprotein (HDL) which is referred as the good cholesterol as it helps prevent cholesterol building up in the arteries, by transporting it to the liver where it can be excreted. The other type is low density lipoprotein (LDL) this is labelled as “bad cholesterol” as it is this type that is deposited in the arteries.

We need both types; however we need them to be in the right ratio to each other 2:1 HDL to LDL. You will be diagnosed with "High cholesterol" if the ratio is upset in favour of LDL.

Cholesterol                                         Healthy Range


Total cholesterol:                               less than 5.0 mmol/l

LDL cholesterol:                                less than 3.0 mmol/l

HDL cholesterol:                               more than 1.15 mmol/l

Triglycerides:                                      less than 1.5 mmol


Having high cholesterol known as  hypercholesterolemia can cause other chronic diseases and can increase ones risk of strokes and coronary heart disease.


There can be no specific signs for high cholesterol especially in early stages.  Some people may have yellow patches (known as xanthomas) which may develop around your eyes or elsewhere on the skin - these are cholesterol deposits and indicate that you have high cholesterol levels in your blood. If cholesterol is undetected it can cause serious damage to blood capillaries, causing breathlessness, angina, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular disease.  

 Alternative Living we provide some of the following protocol: t Alternative Living we pr   At Alternative Living we provide some of the following protocol:

  1. Investigate liver function
  2. Help increase elimination of cholesterol
  3. Look at blood sugar balances
  4. Help body adaptation to stress response
  5. Improve body composition
  6. Improve cholesterol profile
  7. Investigate thyroid issues linked to high cholesterol
  8. Introduce balance diet to help lower cholesterol

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