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Free Workshop on Weight Loss In Watford 20th September 7.30pm - 9.30pm: Patrick Holford's Zest4life


 You can enrol to join our FREE 2 hour workshop ‘Lose Weight Gain Vitality’ taking place in Watford on the evening of Tuesday 20th September 2011 between 7.00pm and 9.00pm.

The workshop is a complimentary component of the pioneering zest4life programme that Patrick Holford (renowned nutritional therapist and bestselling health author) is launching throughout the UK. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to boost your health, your energy and vitality, lose weight easily and look and feel younger!

This is a one off opportunity to take advantage of this initial workshop to mark our launch in the Watford area. Moving forward the workshop will be priced at £49; however for those lucky few it will be FREE on the 20th September!!!  All we ask is that if you gain benefit from the experience you will help us spread the word by telling your family, friends and colleagues about us.

You will learn how to implement the GL diet into your life and more importantly…understand why! On this workshop you will receive the opening session as provided to our recent pilot trial group and you will be very pleased to know that on average each group member lost 2.5 pounds within their first week.

These 2 hours could seriously change your life for the better!

Learn how lose weight intelligently and keep it off for good
•Understand the science behind the GL diet & why we believe it is the healthiest diet around
•Learn how you can lose twice the amount of fat when compared to other low fat diets!
•Understand why controling blood sugar levels is so important for health, energy & weight.
•We will provide with the tools for you to go away and start the GL diet yourself straight away
•We will show you how to use the GL system designed for those looking to lose weight
•We will provide breakfast, lunch & dinner along with other snack ideas

And that’s not all…..this diet will benefit you because you will

•Transform yourself from a fat storing body into a fat burning machine
•Eat more and feel less hungry
•Have more vigour and be more energetic throughout the day
•Reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease
•Dramatically help defend your self from diabetes
•Improve the metabolic age of your cells
•Increase your muscle mass - which means you will burn more calories
•Look and feel younger
•Banish cravings and emotional eating
•Be clear about what you need to do to make simple changes.
•Increase your metabolism so you can burn off calories - even when you are sitting down!


 Now if that wasn’t all, we are even extending our gratitude and throwing in some bonuses

Bonus 1

An invaluable test to find out your metabolic age of your cells!  We will take your body composition and provide you with the age of your cells on how they are metabolising, this report will also include you fat mass and muscle mass body composition. You can calso omplete a blood sugar and health check

Bonus 2

Complete a food diary and a nutritional therapist will critique your food habits and look at alternatives with healthier snack options.

Both of these reports will be sent you by email so you can keep for future reference.

This is a life changing event and it is completely FREE for you.  If you are uncomfortable in attending by yourself please feel free to bring along a friend for support, just as long as you make their reservation.

Learn this diet and implement it into your life and in 30 days you will see the difference. You won’t need to take our word for this because you will see the results first hand!  We will share our group findings and data from the Hertfordshire area pilot group and you may even talk to some of the successful candidates who have completed the trial to discuss their diet experiences.

You may want to bring a pen and paper so you can learn how to take on the GL diet challenge and achieve the results like are candidates have by just following the steps to be taught on the night.

We will also have a product table on the night, supplying Patrick Holford literature, supplements and healthy snacks at a discounted rate for you. There will also be an opportunity for you to enrol in our new weight loss programme for those seeking additional dietary motivation and support when reaching towards their health goals.

I’m absolutely confident this diet works as it has in other areas around the UK, just look at these results:

Example results (sample of 295):

95%    Lost weight & increased their energy levels
84%     Improved their concentration & had fewer cravings
100%  Reported improvements in their health
73%     Reported lower stress levels

This could be you….all you need to do is return an email advising you would like to enrol for the workshop including any names plus emails of any individuals you would like to bring along for support.

We will send you an email confirming your reservation with a reference number.

Numbers are limited, with such a high level of interest in our trial would suggest that this workshop be oversubscribed and will reach capacity very quickly.  To avoid disappointment it is advisable to secure your place as soon as possible as it could change your life for good!

Date:         Tuesday 2oth September 2011

Time:         7.00pm to approx. 9.00pm

Where       Newton Price Centre, Grosvenor Road, Watford, Herts, WD17 2QT


Telephone   01923 822312



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